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Separation and relationship property

Have you separated (or thinking about it), or has your partner died? You need to work through the various rules to get a just division of the assets of your relationship.

The Property Relationships Act (“PRA") provides a framework for property division for married and civil union couples and couples who have lived in a de facto relationship. The rules apply whether you have separated by the relationship breaking up or separated by the death of your partner.

What to do

We would recommend getting legal advice as early as possible. The division of assets gets complicated the longer matters are left. At an initial meeting we will provide you with an outline of how the PRA will apply to you and your circumstances.

We can then assist you with negotiations with your partner's lawyer and complete any agreements in relation to the separation and relationship property. If we are not able to reach any agreement we work closely with highly regarded Barristers who can assist with any matter that needs to be taken to the Family Court.

Our Relationship Property specialists:

Philip Sewell

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