The firm was founded over 140 years ago in about 1870, by a sole practitioner called Henry Slater. Slater was later joined in partnership by his son. In following years other partners included Williams, Frank Sargent, Frederick Dale, John Connal and John Holmes, who were all well known men in Christchurch in their day.

In 1950 Doug Godfrey joined the firm, which then became known as Sargent Connal Holmes & Godfrey. Doug Godfrey was joined by his brother Robert in 1960, and by Barry McNeil in 1969. Robert Godfrey went on to become a magistrate in Sydney.

Glenn Duncraft joined the firm in 1978, Jerald French in 1980, and Philip Sewell in 1986, taking over Doug Godfrey's practice. Brad McDonald became a partner in 2008, and Jerald retired at the end of 2009. During this time the firm was known as Godfrey Duncraft and French, and now of course simply as Godfreys Law.

For many years the firm was located in premises in Hereford Street and in 1964, we moved to Armagh Court. Sadly we were forced to leave our badly damaged building in Armagh Court as a result of the February 22 Canterbury Earthquakes. We have now relocated to new premises in Washington Way off Moorhouse Avenue. Because we are a well established law firm with a long history in Christchurch, we have connections with many families and businesses. We can track some of our clients back three generations.

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